Moving on.

taken by my phone, please excuse the resolution.
The artwork look vely vely good, stuff that I'd do when I was six.

Anyway. I've moooooved over to This journal shall henceforth by used for picture posting, and for my USC 2008 trip. I'm an annoying git who's got such an inflated sense of ego that she keeps two blogs. :)

Update thy bookmarks. please. :)

ps. and finance was uberly bad. don't even let me start. :(

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harle on 12:55 PM


After getting all frustrated with my dear Finance... I decided to chill and watch some Music Station. The result being that I UNDERSTOOD IT! MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

One flip to the special page=sudden realisation.

Jun = best!~*

*flies around*

harle on 11:38 PM

the arrival

A Drop of Colour

Confusion rules this shifting age
And uproar fills the town
My thoughts of you are drowning in the noise
How could you know?
Why should you know me?

You gently nourish my dry skin
A drop of colour saves me from
The fate I'm facing everyday
A single bloom piercing the snowdrift

How softly, the springtime breezes sing
How deeply, the distant mountain breathe
There are so many things to show to you

How softly, the springtime breezes sing
How deeply, the distant mountain breathe
There are so many things to show to you

Anyway, for those comic buffs, do check out Shaun Tan's The Arrival (as pictured above).

To sit in a corner and flipping comics. Preferably in a treehouse.

harle on 12:59 AM

5: 19

With one eye on the clock
And one on the phone
It's 5:19....

I must vork hard. I think that that's not too bad a dream isn't it? No matter how unrealistic, how silly it sounds. I shall be "happy"aku! Hanako-san I am looking forward to our fangirling sessions! :)

Arashi = Love and Yamapi = Double Love :) To think that he's studying at Meiji. Rarrrr too bad we don't have an exchange program :( But we do have one with Keio and GUESS WHO WENT THERE??

Missed chances missed chances, so close yet so far.

Focus, kid, like Focus. Econs was great today though! Grouplove! :)

Honestly though, 一人で ist gut. :) Because then I'm superbly free and I still want to achieve my wish of working in 日本 one day one day. (I wish I could study there though because then it's a lot more different and more ideal but oh well circumstances and the too-late realisation.. should have considered that way back in Sec 1. But we were young and dumb and well things have worked out well nonetheless :)

Hanako-san! I want my 1 hour worth of fireworks! Well that's how much money they can afford to burn in Japan! I just don't want to forget anything before I even started :(

Learn learn. I must master some thing. And to show that it hasn't been to waste afterall.

But at the end of the day, if my life could be described in hours, I want to sit not on top of a pile of money, but on top on happy people. :) (like those body-surfing moments ne!)

harle on 12:00 AM


Supposedly, MatsuJun is going to act in a remake of Akira Kurosawa's 隠し砦の三悪人!!!!!!!!!

HA and just when we were talking about this for JS! Hanako-san are you reading this????

To quote Psy, is this 縁分????

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harle on 10:52 AM


Certain songs conjure up memories of space. Not the physical place per se, but rather incidents associated with that moment in the past.

Like how Faye Wong's make me think of listening to 93.3 in lower secondary at the end of the year... And watching rain trickle down the window panes.

Listening to L'arc's Winter Fall reminds me that it was the song I used to play to wake me up everyday in secondary school.

L'arc's Fourth Avenue Cafe is eternally associated with Rurouni Kenshin.

Malice Mizer = ping.

W-inds, Lead... the crazy sec 3 days with qing and sheau ying thrown in...

and slam dunk and fushigi yugi remind me of Sheena, the lender of comics to my whole class.

Qi Ling Wang = 2D, the usual suspects

KKNM= me, sheryl, sheau ying, chei ren, weizhuang, soo shuen...etc

Actually, DHS days were so much fun and definitely loads more carefree. I really loved life in 2D and the insanity. I can't forget how we set up a playstation gaming booth in our class for one of the funfairs...

Not even twenty-one, and we're getting nostalgic.

harle on 12:37 PM

Culture Vulture, not.

Not everything has to revolve around love, you know.

It always goes back to the rather tiresome plot that the two protagonists hate each other at first and eventually they'll end up together.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to plots that are cool without all the cheesy romanticism thrown in. Which is perhaps why I like Hero and Nobuta and even Kurosagi---> they are stories with a 'hint' of romanticism but ultimately it ends very inconclusively and vaguely. It's precisely because of this ambiguity that these shows are more unique and memorable.

Disclaimer: Although I do like HYD and HanaKimi and Goong as they are definitely love-centric and the hilarity that ensues, but it's a very different kind of "like".

Though there has to be a clear distinction between reel life and real life. Naturally.

That song by 王菲 is still pretty listen-able after all these years.

It seems that everything changes with the passage of time. Is culture stagnant? Definitely not. Even Shakespeare was considered popular theatre in his time. Although now we consider him to be far above that. Kabuki was once thought to be low-class, crass culture, but now, while it is still considered to be of a lower level as compared to Noh, it's way beyond popular culture... it has evolved into a high art practised by many revered Kabuki families in Japan.

So I wonder what our popular culture will be in 200 years. And will certain genres reach that exalted status of being fine culture or high culture in time?

I'm placing my bets on jazz and blues. Maybe, maybe not.


harle on 11:49 PM